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Dog hot spot natural treatment

Does your Dog or Cat suffer from Hot Spots ?
Hot Spot Salve is made especially for this. Treat dog hot spots (minor open wounds), insect bites on dogs, bacterial infections (cuts) on dogs skin, localised allergic reactions and itchy or inflamed areas. Best part is it's completely natural and it works. The Salve is for localised small areas. FOR CATS AND DOGS  DERMagic Hot Spot Salve - MORE



Pomeranian Black Skin Disease


Have you tried everything for your Dog's Problem Skin ?
DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion does exactly just that. It will rescue your dog from skin disease. This is an award winning product made for dogs suffering from major hair loss, black skin disease (Alopecia X), mange, dog flea allergies, dog hives, dog dermatitis and dog ear infection and more. If you have tried everything else (including antibiotics and steroids) and to no success do your dog a huge favor and try this, your pet will love you for it. DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion - MORE     FOR CATS - MORE
Dog Chapped Nose, Dog Dry Skin

Is your Dog suffering from Sun Burns? Treat Dog Burns naturally!
Cell Restoration Creme is used for treating dog sun burn, heat rash, scald (eg grooming wound), cracked pads or dry noses and dry, itchy skin by restoring moisture to promote rapid healing. If bacteria has set in and the wound is becoming itchy and worse then please use either Hot Spot Salve or Skin Rescue Lotion (depends on how much area is affected).  FOR DOGS Cell Restoration Creme - MORE

dead sea salt scrub for dog and cat dandruff

Natural treatments for Dog Dandruff, Cat dry skin and Aching joints in Pets
Pets love being bathed with DERMagic Dead Sea Salt Scrub. It is extremely relaxing, and relieves pets of dry, scaly skin, dandruff (seborrhea). Naturally relieves itchy skin and decreases inflammation in pets suffering from aching joints also. FOR CATS AND DOGS
DERMagic Anti Dandruff Dead Sea Salt Scrub - MORE

All Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs Suffering from Allergies


Natural Flea Treatment for pets that's also great for dogs suffering from Flea Allergies
DERMagic Organic Flea Shampoo Bar made especially for dog parasite problems. Kill dog fleas and mites naturally and instantly without harming your pet. Perfect for a pet bitten by a flea and suffering from flea allergies. The Flea Dust Powder is perfect for making sure the problem is kept under control. You can sprinkle the Flea Dust Powder directly onto your cat or dog. DERMagic Flea Bar Shampoo & Dust combo - MORE


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