Itchy and Scratchy Dogs and Cats

Best natural and safe dog treatment.. for dogs with fleas

Many things cause a dog (or cat) to itch. Fleas is thought to be the main cause, but it is not always the case! There are many reasons, but here we will talk about fleas.

When the dog is bitten, flea saliva is deposited in the skin. Just one bite causes intense itching. This type of reaction is not to the flea itself but rather to proteins in its saliva.  Dogs most prone to this problem, interestingly enough, are not dogs who are constantly flea ridden, but those who are exposed only occasionally!  A single bite can cause a reaction for five to seven days, so you don't need a lot of fleas to have a miserable dog.

The dog's response to the intense itching is to chew, lick, or scratch.  This causes hair loss and can lead to open sores or scabs on the skin, allowing a secondary bacterial infection to begin. The area most commonly involved is over the rump (just in front of the tail).  Many flea allergic dogs also chew or lick the hair off of their legs.

The itchy skin must be treated before the scratching, biting, licking or chewing of the area develops into something much worse.. an open sore (hot spot).

DERMagic Flea Shampoo Bar is great for flea bitten dogs that are suffering from intense itching. This specially formulated shampoo immediately kills fleas and is completely non-toxic. The all natural ingredients in this shampoo bar help calm itchy and scratchy pets and is perfectly pH balanced too. The Organic shampoo bar for dogs is made especially to treat flea problems and contains food grade Diatomaceous Earth which is completely safe for all pets but lethal for parasites, fleas, mites and lice. Treat flea problems with all natural products guaranteed to make you and your pet happy.

To make sure the fleas don't keep jumping on your pets again we recommend DERMagic Flea Dust Powder.

The pets bedding and hang out areas need to be treated also for lasting effectiveness. Best to use both these treatments at the same time to get best results as what you see is only 5 to 15% of the problem. The remaining 85 to 95% of the flea or tick infestation is the flea larvae and ticks eggs which have not yet hatched.

Remember that adult fleas need to start feeding as quickly as they can, as soon as they jump onto your pet. A single adult flea typically feeds for at least 8 hours a day, ingesting as much as 15 microliters of blood during that time. Fleas need to feed on blood before they are able to reproduce. The Flea Dust Powder can be directly applied on Cats and Dogs and will kill them immediately through dehydration. The Fleas won't even get a chance to feed which means their cycle will be broken. 

If your pets flea bites have developed into sores please use our treatment Hot Spot Salve. This salve is extremely effective in the treatment of skin problems and is for both Cats and Dogs. Soothe itchy skin in dogs and cats immediately, kill bacteria, and dry up sores before yours eyes. You will be amazed at how fast this works! It takes less than 48hrs for open sores to completely heal up, with permanent results.

If you are certain the itch and scratch is not flea related.. It is most likely the cause of intense itching is yeast (fungal infection Malassezia dermatitis). To find out more about it please click HERE.

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