Meet the new Boof!

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Meet the new Boof!
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Meet the new Boof!

About 18 months ago I noticed Boofs hair was getting thinner. I let it go thinking maybe it was him getting rid of his winter coat well then I noticed him losing his hair on the back of his back legs and around the neck.

So 12 months ago I took him to the vet they did a blood test and took a skin sample both tests came back all good. I then noticed he was very anxious and stressed no real reason for this he just wouldn't let me out of his sight and if I did have to leave him he would shake all over and become nervous till I returned.

Maltese terrier with severe skin diseaseMaltese terrier with pigmented skinUnhappy dog with skin diseaseWhite maltese terrier with hair loss

About 4 months ago I took him back to the vet they did a skin sample again and nothing was wrong, they did say maybe have him desexed that should help him with him being stressed. So I had him desexed and then they put him on melatonin to help him with his anxiety and stress saying with him now being desexed and on the tablets his hair should start to grow back and if the melatonin tablets don't work his hair won't grow back at all.

I then googled dermagic I watched the video and researched the products I bought the shampoo and conditioner and the cell restoration creme and the skin rescue lotion.
As you can tell I just want Boof to be back to a nice fluffy Maltese dog but if that's not to be I still love him.
He is not itchy he doesn't scratch at himself but his skin is really dry.
This is him before he begun using DERMagic products.

Boof the white maltese terrier beats hair loss and skin disease using natural pet productsHere is an update on Boof. Well his hair has grown back thicker then he had before he lost it there are no bald spots on him at all. He had lost his hair around the bum and down the back legs, on his tail and all around his neck and on his back. He was more bald than the hair he has now - It's all back. 
I would like to thank you and the people that make Dermagic they have made Boof and myself very happy and I have told my family and friends what a wonderful product it is. Cheers Sheryl.Maltese terrier before and after hair lossHappy Boof the white maltese dog reverse yeast infection using only natural products that work!

Hair grows back in maltese terrier, naturallyMaltese terrier after black skin disease and skin pigmentation