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Roy Boy the Pom beats Black Skin Disease

Roy Boy the Pomeranian beats Alopecia X or extreme hair loss and darkened skin with DERMagic products

Woof! Thank you DERMagic


I wanted to share my success and satisfaction after using your products on my 4 year old Pomeranian named Roy.

He was adopted by us at 2 years old in August of 2015 and had clearly been shaven prior to coming to us as he just had a small patch of fur on his back similar to a mohawk haircut.  Within a couple of months he started growing fur sparsely in the empty areas and we took him to be groomed to even him out and he was completely shaven. We had never owned a Pom and later learned that shaving is not always the best thing for their coats so we waited for it to grow back again, except this time it just didn't. We bought him an array of cute tshirts and fast forward several months later, his skin began darkening and we learned about Black Skin Disease.


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I mentioned it to a couple of veterinarians who didn't seem to think it was actually a "thing", and by early 2017 he had even lost his undercoat.  His skin was dark, dry and he had dry/hotspots everywhere.  I had done research and read that melatonin was sometimes helpful so I bought a bottle but was afraid to start it unless I spoke with a vet. He is also on thyroid medicine for hypothyroidism. I also should mention I read that yeast is a big factor in BSD, and I only learned this later. I saw Dermagic mentioned on the internet and ordered the products which sat on my shelf for 3 months or so because I was so confused on what steps to take first.  My vet referred me to a dermatologist who told me this was a cosmetic issue, and to just keep shirts on him.  She told me to use the Melatonin and gave me a medicated shampoo. I continued this regimen from February 2017 until May 2017 with no results.  I was also putting coconut oil in his food and applying it topically which did not improve his condition. I had to keep trying.

On May 1, 2017 I decided it was time to start the Dermagic and I could not be happier with that decision!  I used the Skin Rescue lotion twice a day for a week, and then once a day with baths once a week using the shampoo and conditioner in liquid form and alternated with the shampoo bar. Within several weeks, his skin started to flake off, showing very bright pink skin underneath.  My husband suggested I buy the scrub, and we exfoliated him in his next couple of baths.

By mid July 2017 we started seeing growth!  We were elated! From then on, his fur grew at a rapid rate and he is now completely grown in, even in places where he hadn't had fur since we adopted him. (Scroll down for pictures).

My veterinarians are amazed, my husband and I are amazed and I have been spreading the word all over social media (Roy has his own Instagram @royboythepom) !

It is a shame my dermatologist did not know about this product, I feel all veterinarians should recommend it! Thank you, thank you, Dermagic team,  you were also there for me during his transformation when I had questions. 

Roy is no longer on Melatonin.

Maria O'Flaherty
Long Island, New York USA


Roy Boy the Pom starts growing hair back in bald spots

Roy Boy the Pomeranian results with DERMagic for treating Black Skin Disease
 Roy Boy the Pomeranian reverses and beats Black Skin Disease guaranteed results with DERMagic natural skin care for animals