All Natural Cat Shampoo

Grooming Cats with Organic and Natural Products

washing cat with organic natural shampoo is best
It's a Cat-astrophe!
Some people think cats should stay out in the barn and catch mice and not get bathed.  Others say, buy a small rubber storage bin, fill it with warm water and detergent, add the cat, put the lid on, and shake a few times.  When opening the lid, be sure to stand well back, and let the furious cat fly around the room in a rage until dry.
We believe there are better ways, starting with not bathing them very often at all.  Generally, a large part of their day is spent grooming themselves, and they do a very fine job on their own. And most cats totally detest water and will resist it to the point of scratching your eyes out to avoid it.  But long-haired cats can get oily and matted, and older cats may not be able to groom themselves as thoroughly as they once did, and some cats just get into dirty stuff and will need a bath to freshen up.
On average a cat can be bathed two or three times per year. Excessive bathing (any mammal) can strip the natural oils from the skin that are essential for a healthy coat. We recommend that pet parents avoid using medicated shampoos as they can be too harsh for the cat’s skin.  Aside from drying out the skin and coat, these chemical based ingredients can easily be ingested or absorbed through the skin. Check out this short video to observe a perfectly behaved cat loving its DERMagic bath!


glamour cat loves baths with natural shampoo
So, where's my tiara?

Natural and organic products provide a safer, gentler and more effective alternative for cleansing and conditioning your cat’s skin and coat. Unlike conventional over-the-counter products that contain harsh chemicals and preservatives, 
DERMagic All Natural Shampoo for Cats are made from organic vegetable oils and essential herbal oils, and nothing else.


Try DERMagic!  Your cat will love you for it!

With our perfectly pH balanced organic and natural cat shampoo you can be sure you have made a great choice. You can be assured that there are only natural ingredients in DERMagic products which means that they will be kind and gentle for even the most sensitive cat. They will leave the skin and fur in the best possible condition as well as making sure that they are thoroughly clean without stripping their skin off their natural oils. Our shampoo bars have different formulas to suit different skin conditions. All our shampoos are calming and some are better suited for cats with itchy skin and some for extra dry skin which causes flaky skin (cat dandruff or seborrhea). Our natural cat shampoos contain natural essentials oils, which have been known to calm irritated skin and prevent hair loss due to their healing properties. They all make sure that your cats fur and skin is left in really good condition. Therefore if your cat has a skin condition, our cat shampoos will provide the first step of defense against cat problem skin.

If you are worried about all of the damaging and nasty chemicals in cat shampoos then these products are for you. DERMagic contains only natural ingredients and they are specially formulated to be kind to your cat. They contain no parabens or sulphates and are also perfectly pH balanced for cats. The ingredients are specially chosen and are the best choice for your cat as they make the fur and skin soft and healthy, reduce flaky skin, reduce inflammation, calm rashes and irritations, and promote healthy softer silky hair.

The product is easy to use as well, which is important when you are trying to keep the stress down when bathing your cat. You will usually need one hand to gently hold your cat and the products are designed to be easy to use with the other hand. They are also easy to rinse as well, to keep bathing time to a minimum and ensure that there is no shampoo left behind. This makes the whole experience more relaxing for both you and your pet.

Our Feline Rosemary and Lavender shampoo bar for cats contains antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which is perfect for treating bacterial infections and for cats suffering from hot spots. Keep your cat healthy with quality products that are gentle to your pet.