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This morning Lexi the labrador had a massive allergic reaction to something that made her vomit and her entire body became covered in red welts. The vet was yet to be opened so I chucked her in the bath tub and lathered her with the dermagic shampoo and conditioner. After getting her out of the tub I covered her entire belly with hot spot salve. Two hours later her welts were completely gone!

- Lisa M., NSW, Australia -

My Two labs have had severe allergies to grass which resulted in excessive scratching and hair loss. After having them on prednisone for a period of time Dermagic popped up as a "suggested" facebook page I might like. We have now been using the skin rescue bar/ rescue lotion for over 3 months and all their hair has grown back! I haven't had to use predisone for over 3 months! Lexi and Lawson are back to their furry shiney selves!

- Lisa M., NSW, Australia -

"I have a Japanesse Akita who suffered heavy hair loss (he only had about 10%-15% hair left on his body). He went to the vet for nearly two years with no positive results. I have been using the Skin Rescue Lotion and the recovery has been amazing! He is back to about 80% coverage and I plan to carry on until he makes a full recovery. Thanks for all you do!"

- Simon -

Pierogi the Pomeranian was completely hairless. See before and after photos after using DERMagic

- Tracey P., Wisconsin, America -

The Skin Rescue Lotion is AMAZING! Overnight the scabby stuff on my cat’s back was GONE! I was completely blown away. I have used two different spray-on skin products recommended by a vet that did nothing for her skin, and in one day your product gave instant relief! Thank you so much, Dr Adelia!

- Lee T., Edmonds, WA -

I rescued a Dogue de Bordeaux with serious skin issues. We tried everything without success, until finding your products. After a few applications of your Skin Rescue Lotion, the improvement was remarkable. This product does just what it claims to do!

- Marie D., Wharton, NJ -

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Skin Rescue Lotion. I rescued a Dogue de Bordeaux two years ago and have been battling skin issues from day one with him. He has been treated by both conventional medicine and alternative therapies. Though he is now 90% better he always seems to get skin eruptions: some look like red mosquito bites, some look like welts, and some get very grey and crusty. I have tried Aloe Vera gel, Calendula Cream, antibiotic ointment, green tea, coconut oil, just to name a few, and they never seem to help. After a few applications of your Skin Rescue Lotion the improvement is remarkable. This product does just what it claims to do on the description and my Dogue is looking and feeling so much better. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product! Super

- DeRosa., Wharton, NJ -

After saving Gunna from an uncertain future he started to scratch & bite so much that he was bald & bleeding in spots. I tried a few things & nothing worked until I discovered DERMagic. At first I was using the Hot Spot Salve, Cell Restoration Creme, Skin Rescue Lotion as well as the Shampoo & Conditioner. Over the last 4 months of this & a change in his diet his coat has improved dramatically & the excessive scratching has stopped. I now only use the Shampoo & Conditioner but have the others on hand if ever needed. I highly recommend DERMagic & the proof is in the photos. A huge thank you from me & my boy

- DeRosa., Wharton, NJ -

Lady from Utah, white pom named Kisses. I was frantic when I chatted with you in February in regards to my dogs hair loss. You assured me 100% that your product would cure my dog. It did!!!!!! I'm so happy! !! I got my beautiful little white LONG HAIRED pom back! I used your products for one month. I saw the new hair grow back so I stopped applying the lotion. Now when you look at my dog, you never would know that she had black skin disease. She is beautiful! Thank you DERMagic!!! You have me my beautiful Pom back! I will never ever have my dog SHAVED AGAIN!!! I'm an one extremely satisfied customer! You have made me and my dog so happy! Sincerely grateful!

- Debbie Stout -

So impressed with your product. After searching for answers to my poor little Shih Tzus skin problems which the vet said was carpet allergy (that's because that was the only thing that we could put it down to) I stumbled accidentally on Black Skin Disease which led me to you. We started her on the treatment on Wednesday. She has barely scratched since and her skin was already looking so much better by the following morning. She is a much happier dog and is actually getting real sleep at night instead of staying awake scratching :).

- Susan S., Qld, Australia -

Absolutely love your products! I ordered the Rescue soap and lotion a few weeks ago to use on my two Bull Terriers, and am quite amazed at the results. It does EXACTLY as it says it will.... IT WORKS! Redness, heat and itching relieved almost overnight, their skin has never looked better. I have just placed another order to make sure that I always have some on hand if needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending these products to anyone to try. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!!

- Nicole K., VIC, Australia-