Excessive bathing (any mammal) can strip the natural oils from the skin that are essential for a healthy coat. We recommend that pet parents avoid using medicated shampoos as they can be too harsh for your pet's skin.  Aside from drying out the skin and coat, these chemical based ingredients can easily be ingested or absorbed through the skin.


Natural and organic products provide a safer, gentler and more effective alternative for cleansing and conditioning your pet’s skin and coat. Unlike conventional over-the-counter products that contain harsh chemicals and preservatives, DERMagic hand-made shampoo bars are made from organic vegetable oils and essential herbal oils, and nothing else.

DERMagic Organic and Natural Shampoo is for healthy pets and for pets with sensitive skin. They are perfect for cats and dogs suffering from skin irritations, itchy skin and problem skin. 
DERMagic certified organic and natural shampoos are the first step of defence against problem skin in pets.


What's the difference between organic or natural ?


The benefits of Certified Organic products is that they NEVER contain any of the following - artificial flavours, artificial colours, artificial preservatives, fertilizers, artificial pesticides, irradiation, and genetically engineered ingredients. 

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