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DERMagic Certified Organic Pet Shampoo Bars


Our Shampoo Bars for pets are Certified Organic, Perfectly pH balanced and free from toxic chemicals. Contains no SLS, Sulfates, Parabens.

All DERMagic shampoos cleanses and conditions skin and fur and adds body to hair and fur.

Revitalise your pets coat appearance for a shiny coat and softer hair using our Certified Organic Shampoo Bars.

Chamomile & Sage (fresh) is gentle, great for sensitive skin pets, and perfect for kittens and puppies too! Soothing and calming, and is great for dry skin in both cats and dogs.
Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (deep cleanse) is the bar version of our bottle! This shampoo bar is gentle and great for healthy skin pets of all ages. Safe and gentle to use on dogs of all ages. The all natural ingredients in this product will help to relax, soothe and relieve sensitive skin. Maintaining healthy skin pH ensures healthy clean skin and maintains and conditions coat. Suitable for dogs only.
Rosemary & Lavender (for sensitive skin) is gentle, and extremely calming and relaxing for pets of all ages. Rosemary is known to revitalise hair and stimulate fuller hair appearance in both cats and dogs. Suitable for pets sensitive to fragrances and scents. Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages.
Size 105g

  • No SLS / Sulfates / Parabens
  • Certified Organic*
  • Free from toxic chemicals.
  • Perfectly pH Balanced.
  • 100% Organic ingredients used.


To use, just wet your pet and lather up and rinse immediately. Do not leave your pet standing with suds on him. And please don't bathe your pet too often! We recommend bathing no more than twice a month, or whenever they get dirty, whichever is longest between baths. Keep their coat fresh between baths by brushing and combing daily.


Chamomile Sage: Saponified Coconut,* Olive,* Castor,* Sunflower,* Jojoba,* and Rice Bran Oils,* Coca Butter, Proprietory Essential Oil Blend, Organic Aloe Vera Peppermint Tea Tree: Saponified Coconut,* Jojoba,* and Rice Bran Oils,* Cocah Butter, Peppermint Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Dried Peppermint, Organic Aloe Vera Rosemary Lavender: Saponified Coconut,* Olive,* Castor,* and Sunflower Oils, Essential Oils, Saponified Jojoba* and Rice Bran Oils; Stearic Acid; Organic Aloe Vera; Vitamin E; Organic Bran

*Certified Organic