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DERMagic Flea Shampoo Bars & Diatomaceous Earth Flea Dust


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Two Flea Bars & Flea Dust Powder Combo!!

No more toxic chemicals, sprays, or drops! DERMagic’s Flea Dust, is made from certified organic, food grade diatomaceous earth (DE), which is completely natural and works by dehydration, not poison. It is the perfect companion to the very popular organic Flea Shampoo Bar, which contains Insect-Repelling proprietary essential oils. This blend combined with the power of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural non-toxic way to protect your pet from fleas, lice and mites.
DERMagic Flea Dust, with its handy sprinkle-top, can be applied in the pet’s bedding, carpet, furniture, and wherever your pet hangs out. You can even put it directly on your pet!



Directions: Sprinkle on pets, carpets, bedding etc and leave on for 2-3 days. The powder must be left long enough for the hatchlings to come in contact with it. Thoroughly vacuum carpets and reapply if needed. It is recommended to reapply for at least 30 days since most bugs and insects have a laying cycle of 7 to 21 days and you want to make sure to get rid of the problem the first time around.




Flea Shampoo Bar - This amazing shampoo bar is handmade from certified organic ingredients. *denotes certified organic

Saponified Coconut,* Olive,* Castor,* Sunflower,* Jojoba,* and Rice Bran Oils,* Cocoa Butter,* Vitamin E,* Proprietary Essential Oil Blend,* Diatomaceous Earth; Aloe Vera.*

Flea Dust Powder - Certified organic food grade Diatomaceous Earth